Institute of Foreign Languages

Head: Beata Ludwiczak:
The Foreign Language Institute offers courses of four foreign languages: English, German and French, on the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels, for the full-time students. Each student selects one course.

The course lasts four semesters, four 45min lessons a week. On the Intermediate level the aim is to learn everyday vocabulary and grammar, practice communication skills in everyday situations as well as get acquainted with basic art terms. The Intermediate level gives the possibility to develop the language skills with special emphasis put on the character of the Academy, to use the language of art and read professional literature as well as to use foreign language in the future job.

The course of English at the Faculty of Interior Architecture and Design is an exception. Here, by the decision of the Faculty's Council, the course lasts four semesters, two lessons a week. Thus the main emphasis is put on the professional language; see: Design English.

International students wishing to improve their language skills are invited to join one of the groups (their acceptance depends on the number of students in a group). Please inform the Institutional Coordinator about your intention.

Remember! Learning a foreign language requires systematic, regular work!